One of the best shows I’ve seen this year. So excited about the amount of older songs they mixed in with the new. Also Jared continues to be one of my favorite bass players ever. #kingsofleon (at PNC Music Pavilion)

Party time. #frankliskepark #jumpforjoy (at Frank Liske Park)

Every year since I was a little girl I have gone to the beach with my mom. It’s a tradition we’ve managed to keep up every spring or fall and I am so happy we have.  

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of tradition, regarding where we go and what we’re doing, but in recent years with the addition of Jessie - my best friend/sister-in-law - we’ve branched out more within the town and try new places every time. Carolina Beach is one of my favorite places to go, and over these 26 years I’ve seen it change and improve a lot. It’s a relaxed, family-oriented beach town with lots of great local run restaurants and shops, and of course Britts Donut’s. The locals are friendly, visitors low-key.

Hope you enjoy these highlights from our little vacation…


Rita’s Gift, just being awesome. #ritasgift #tommyspub #cltmusic (at Tommy’s Pub)

Tonight! #tommyspub #crowdsurfer #swellfriends #ritasgift #theblessedanomaly #cltmusic (at Charlotte, North Carolina)

Stumbled upon this while hiking… #johnrobinsonrockhouse #hiking #reedycreekpark (at Reedy Creek Park)

And this would be us after our show! #themilestone #cltmusic (at World Famous Milestone Club (official))

Fresh shrimp + my first pumpkin beer of the year. Yay for the beach! #carolinabeach #shuckinshack (at Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar - Carolina Beach)

Couldn’t be happier. #carolinabeach #endofsummer (at Carolina Beach, North Carolina)